Yuca con Ocopa

Cassava cooked and topped with Ocopa cream (fresh yellow pepper, peanuts, cheese and herbs)

Palta a la Vinagreta

Fresh avocado served with a light vinaigrette, lettuce and tomatoes.

Papa a la Huancaina

Potatoes covered with huancaina sauce, fresh yellow pepper, peanuts and cheese, served on lettuce

Causa Limeña

Mashed potatoes stuffed with chicken, spices, oil, lemon, yellow pepper and a touch of mayonnaise.

Palta Rellena con Lasgostinos

Fresh avocado stuffed with potato salad prawns, peas and mayonnaise. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, vegetables and


Palta a la Reina

Fresh Avocado stuffed with potato salad, chichen, peas, and mayonnaise. Served with lettuce, tomatoes,vegetables

and lemon.

Mashed potatoes stuffed with minced meat sauce, vegetables and raisins, fried and accompained by a slightly spicy sauce.

Papa Rellena