Signature Steaks and Chicken

Lomo Saltado

Sticks sirloin sauteed with fresh yellow pepper, tomatoes, julienne onions and red wine. Served with french fries and rice.

Alpaca a la Parrilla en Salsa Pimienta

Fresh grilled alpaca steak, topped with pisco sauce and server with french fries and steamed vegetables

Lomo Americano

Grilled sirloin, accompanied by fried egg, cheese and ham served with fries, vegetables and avocado.

Arroz con Pollo

Roasted chicken stewed with peas and cilantro sauce served with rice flavored with herbs and creole


Pollo al Vino

Grill chicken breast topped with white wine sauce and served with fries and vegetables.

Grilled Sirloin, topped with mushroom sauce, stuffed pepper, lonet potatoes and cooked vegetables.

Lomo a la Valentina